At Threshold LevelUp, we are a sometimes chaotic collective of developers with a shared commitment to develop products that nails looks, sounds, and feels. We are a frenzied bunch; from teens finishing their high school ready to enter university, to middle aged visualists going through some mid life crisis that they probably havent shared to the team yet. Along the good work we produce together, there is cohesion; good vibes and memes form the foundation of our discourse.

The programmer role for LevelUp is an excellent opportunity to explore and experiment new ways to approach solving problems in the flight sim aircraft development space. As a freeware development team, our goal is turn the tables - be the forerunner in making payware grade freeware works, ones that compete in quality against the mainstays in X-Plane (if you're wondering, we are also looking at doing payware soon too).

We're looking for someone who is:

  • Well versed with C++
  • Experience developing for X-Plane
  • A problem solver: one that translate complex ideas to workable, digestable solutions
  • Adequately available to work
  • Willing to show your face in our meetings, we don't want to work with a bot
  • Memes a lot.
  • Don't take him/herself too seriously, but do make some seriously mad 011010101 work.

Immediate projects:

Our "programming team" or lack thereof (we only got one amazing programmer!) is in need of a helping hand on the cofiguration tablet.

You will work on the 737 projects with us as we all weigh our options for payware in the future as well. We take ourselves lightly, but our jobs seriously. Position is permanent, and will be paid in the future. To apply click the button below!

Please Note:

We kindly request that you apply only if you have a reasonable amount of time to dedicate to your position in Threshold. Our continued role in serving flight simulation content is directly attributed to the collective efforts of the team as a whole.