We champion
editorial ingenuity.

We push for the best in everything we do. Independence and individuality is what we celebrate at Threshold. We are passionate about great content; our content strives to be unbiased and insightful and we make sure that our pieces are informed and constructive.

We're a leading and relentless team.

We're a collective of thinkers and doers who want to offer a new perspective in the X-Plane community. Threshold is one of the X-Plane community's main sources of news. By working with us - you hold great and important responsibility to report on the things that matter.

Different voices
with one mission.

Joining Threshold means that you'll be working with amazing people from around the world. We encompass timezones to provide near 24/7 coverage of the happenings around the X-Plane community.

Globally based with a global reach

To produce quality content that stands apart, we are a team of like-minded users who come from different backgrounds in our careers: artists, pilots, programmers, designers, and add-on developers among many others. We look for people at all stages in life to bring forth their thoughts and perspectives.

There are always multiple sides to a story. Working with us lets you voice your version of the story and together, we can bring a greater diversity of opinions and experiences to the community.


Write a cover letter. Write something that blows our mind! Get creative.

  • Mail to: content.threshold@gmail.com
  • Link or attach work samples.
  • If you think a CV or resume is useful to letting us know who you are, send one! If not, don't stress.


  • Thorough researcher, validates information.
  • Is well versed with current X-Plane community happenings.
  • Able to meet deadlines.
  • Can withhold confidential information.
  • Basic knowledge in design.
  • Excellent proficiency in English writing.

What is it like working with us?

Working with Threshold means that you'll be directly connected to dozens of developers across the X-Plane community. We frequently maintain discourse with major developers in X-Plane to provide the community with the latest news and articles. In addition, you'll proudly be known to deliver factual and engaging content to the community, where thousands of readers have relied on our website and reporting to stay tuned with the community happenings.

We also aim to be the best place to work; championing diversity and inclusion. Joining Threshold means you get to be a part of the family of like-minded creatives. We're all about good content and a progressive direction to everything we do, so there are always jokes, the occasional meme, and conversation alongside the content writing.

We're a small bunch, but exponentially growing.


[Filled] Senior Editor: Articles

The Senior Editor reports directly to the Editor-in-Chief. Tasks involve proofreading and editing of the site's content entries (News, Op-Eds, Articles), making stylistic choices for the site's content and brand, as well as decision-making on behalf of Editor in Chief should they be unavailable.

[Filled] Senior Editor: Reviews

The Senior Editor reports directly to the Editor-in-Chief. Tasks involve creating reviews, proofreading and editing of the site's reviews, and consulting with the Senior Editor of Articles on major decisions on behalf of Editor in Chief should they be unavailable.

Social Content Creator: Store

The Store's Marketing Manager reports directly to the Threshold CEO and Design Chief. They oversee all the promotional ephermera that is published on the social media accounts of Threshold Store.

Content Creators

News Writer

News Writers forms the backbone of Threshold's content, responsible for producing concise and informative news entries for the community so that everyone can receive the latest news as soon as possible.

Article Writer [3x positions]

Article Writers are versatile content producers that produce level-headed content and analysis that isn't afraid to be critical. They comment on relevant issues in the X-Plane community, and express their voices these topics through various media.

Review Writer

A Review Writer writes detailed and insightful reviews of products to inform the X-Plane community. They are able to separate objectivity and subjectivity in their writing, offering a constructive outlook and and their personal thoughts.