A320 Type Rating: MCDU Setup & Before Start

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

To jump straight to the action, see the video on our YouTube channel here.

The second episode of our Type Rating video series is here, with Pascal taking to the apron at Berlin-Tegel to run viewers through the before start preparations for a flight in the FlightFactor A320.

Aimed at a more advanced simmer, Type Rating serves to convey the expertise of real world pilots to the viewers and to take your flying to the next level in terms of realism and accuracy.

See episode 1: Preliminary Cockpit Preparation, in a previous article.

Episode 2 looks to be the longest in the series, with preparations before flight occupying most of the teaching time. During flight, Pascal says there'll be a significant lessening of required tasks. Nonetheless, today, we run through programming the MCDU like a real world pilot, the oxygen flow, briefings and the before start checklist.

We've also included an optional PDF checklist to follow along with, which will be referenced throughout the series. You can find that here - a link will be available in the description of each video too. The exact OFP used in the flight is also available for download in the description of the video.

Lastly, if you'd like to catch these episodes as they're recorded, give Pascal a follow on Twitch. There, he'll be livestreaming new Type Rating episodes and will be open to any questions or to share any other information straight away. Find his channel here.

See the first episode of Type Rating in full over on the Threshold YouTube channel.

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