First Look at Ultra Weather XP V3.0's Volumetric Clouds

July 5, 2019

The first glimpse of V3 of Ultra Weather XP, which is to bring volumetric clouds to X-Plane 11, has been shared through the developer's Facebook group.

The preview was shared as a video, but due to the Facebook group's privacy setting, we are only able to show screenshots from the 53-second clip.

The developer notes that this is the first test to prove that they are working on this technology, and is said not to represent the final product.

Comparison of the video to xEnviro V1.10 suggests a different technique is being used to render the clouds. Few details were shared by the Almuntasers, but it was stated that "This is the first test for our algorithm which will generate Volumetric Clouds for X-Plane."

Details of V3 and V2.5.2 can also be found here.

For more emerging previews like these, join Ultra Weather XP's Facebook group here where you can also watch the video, and follow their Facebook page here.

Thank you to timmetje2001 for linking us up to the video, in our nearly 1,000-strong Discord server. Join here.

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