Threshold Launches "Inflight", X-Plane's Newest Podcast

November 6, 2019

OSLO, Nov. 3 2019 -- X-Plane's largest, fastest and best news source, Threshold Editorial, is branching out with the announcement of a podcast series titled "Inflight".

The announcement of Inflight renews the brand's commitment to X-Plane, following news of a new partnership with Q8Pilot, a major feature in the community surrounding Laminar's sim. Read more about that co-operation here.

Inflight is a weekly podcast (audio-only discussion show) combining the best parts of each respective week - news, opinion, analysis and interviews - into one manageable and time-efficient briefing. Listen on the commute, while exercising or just when kicking back from a long day - podcasts give you options.

Hosted by Editorial staff member Sol Rey Vashez, the show's first guests rein from aircraft developer FlyJSim, in the form of Jack Skieczius and Dellanie Byron. In addition to this, topics from the last week of news are covered and broken down, analysed by our tuned X-Plane fanatics.

The first episode of the podcast, featuring the aforementioned FlyJSim interview, is live on the Threshold website now. You can find it at the bottom of our all new media page. Alternatively, find the track on SoundCloud here.

Inflight will soon be available on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as other podcast platforms.

About Threshold

Threshold Editorial (under the umbrella of Threshold A.S.) is X-Plane's leading news site. Founded in February 2018 by passionate community members, they strive to furfill their goal of providing X-Plane fans with the most accurate and up-to-date news - a segment of the community which was previously very poorly covered.

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