FlyJSim previews new 727 v3 sounds

FlyJSim brings a satisfying end to the working week with a new preview video of the 727v3 sounds. Read more to listen:


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PMDG Analysis - Fact or Fiction?

By: Ilari Kousa
How does their marketing hold up when actually put to the test? Is there a dark side to their modus operandi? And what the flaming heck is a “study-level aircraft” anyway? These are the kinds of questions this article series will address.



Aerobask DA-62

"Aerobask has done a superb job with this addon, exceptional work was made in the switch animations and the extreme detail of the sounds, maintaining balance among features and excels in all of them. Overall, I think that this aircraft is worth every penny of it’s 34.95 dollar price."

By: Garrett Yalch


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