Unchartered Territory

The truth is, this is uncharted territory for everybody involved. As far as we know, nobody has tried to be an independent editorial, whilst also being a store. When putting those two sentences together, you see how big of a task we have in front of us. However, we believe we have started on the right path. We would like to take the opportunity to clarify a few things.

Seperate Management

Our Editorial and Store are governed by different individuals. Magnus Lorvik is the CEO of Threshold, and handles all things related to the store. Scott Havener is Threshold’s Editor-In-Chief, and supervises all of the content that is published in our editorial.

What about XPNG?

We're leaving XPNG as it is, the ideal and ultimate X-Plane Facebook Group that is built upon ethos revolving around helpfullness, unity, and a distaste for commercialisation: ad free. We will continue to uphold these values and Threshold Store's position as a commercial vendor is no different than the other non XPNG/Threshold affiliated developers and stores. If a product is being sold on the Threshold store however, a news writer will link the page in release article just as they would for any other store, and within the rules of XPNG.

Would references to other sites be removed?

Our ultimate goal is to make Threshold the hub of discussion and information, being a major X-Plane news source. With that, our responsibility is to provide honest, unbiased and truthful information to our readers. We respect and celebrate other's effort to realise their intepretation of the ideal store or news website and we acknowledge their contribution to the X-Plane community.

Seperate Entities

We believe it would be deceitful to have the same entity manage a store and an editorial in different places. This is why we have elected to keep both under the Threshold brand. This does raise some important questions, and the answers for which are below.


In a move that is consistent with our core values, a developer putting a product on our store does not mean that it will get a favorable review. While Scott is committed to ensuring the best quality of journalism possible, we do not intend to market products on the store that we would not buy ourselves. In order to maintain objectivism, reviews will be scored using a points-based system.

Still the Threshold you love.

We are convinced that the results of Threshold will speak for themselves. Threshold was created to fill a gap that its founders felt in the overall landscape of X-Plane editorials, news, stores, and so much more. We are new and unproven. This is something that we are well aware of. We know we have a long road ahead, and we know that trust is something earned, not given. Please reach out to us if you have a concern. The only thing we can ask of you is to be patient, trust us the best you can, help us grow, and wish us good luck. Thank you so much for sticking with us.

Your trust & our credibility

The trust from all of you can only be gained through continously keeping within the borders we have drawn of independent comments and news. We will cover as much as we can - and won't be selective in our reports. Our reviews have to be fair no matter who sells the product. We won't welcome developers who can not take constructive criticism in the same fashion that we are willing to accept it. That is the essence of Threshold. We will not bash any product, and we won't praise any product if it's not deserved.

Key Points

> The Threshold Administration consists of three individuals: Magnus Lorvik, CEO, Peter Tram, Chief Designer, and Scott Havener, Editor-In-Chief.
> Magnus manages the Threshold Store, Peter manages all artistic aspects of the Threshold website, and Scott manages all content in the Editorial.
> These individuals have ultimate say over their respective section of Threshold in day-to-day operations.
> Articles written by the CEO and Chief Designer must be approved for publishing by the Editor-In-Chief.
> The Threshold Editorial will never review a product that is being sold, or likely being sold, on the Threshold store.
> All statements of fact, including quotations, must be appropriately cited.
> Credit must be given to all individuals that contribute to a piece.
> Writers are encouraged to write in their own style, but news shall be written impartially.
> Personal attacks against other individuals and entities are not acceptable.
> Evidence must be provided for any allegations against individuals or entities.
> In order to avoid bias and conflicts of interest, an objective, points-based system will be developed and used to review aircraft, scenery, plugins, etc.



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