We began as a dedicated news site for X-Plane, and is now one of the primary sources of information for X-Plane users. The second piece to the puzzle is the Threshold Store, which was launched in April 2018. Throughout our development we have revised and reiterated our values to keep the editorial and the store independent of each other by laying down clear ground rules.The store also has a set of principles to ensure a balanced focus between developers and customers.

The last piece to Threshold is a new online community, the forum, which was launched in August 2018. The forum serves as a new platform to bring together like-minded users who want to contribute to the community, one insight at a time. We envision the forum to be the ultimate centre for both the user and developer, offering dedicated sub-forums (clubs) for every developer so they can contact and support their user base.


Editorial Stance

We make sure that our content are not one-sided towards any establishments. We acknowledge that Threshold Store would influence Threshold's image as an independent publisher. If you're concerned about the store's influence on our operations, please check this Link.

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15th May, 2018

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Aksjeselskap (A.S.)

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