February 19, 2019
Other News
Following the freeware workings, a complete rebuild from the ground-up of the scenery ultity XOrganizer has been released. Whilst the reworking is payware, the developer has kindly offered a free demo for those to experiment and test his product prior to purchasing.


January 12, 2019
By: Magnus Lorvik
Like any community there is also a very small but very loud minority that like to extend their daily misery into our virtual world in the form of aggression, abuse, vilification and bullying.Their voices tend to rise above the majority because they are loud and consistent with their abuse. This abuse is not confined to one group or forum, it’s a community wide problem and one that we as a community should not accept.


February 14, 2019
By: Peter Tram
All of Enrico’s samples are taken in the summer in Sardinia. He sets out to his usual spot next to the ocean, sets the camera on a tripod, then points it towards the sky and sets the camera to take a photo every few minutes. The accumulation of research data from these skywatching enable Enrico to bring FSEnhancer closer to photorealism.

Did you miss?

February 17, 2019
Sunday Review
The 7th week of 2019 was pretty slow compared to the previous in terms of X-Plane news, though it got noticeably more exciting towards the end, with a couple of announcements from major developers! Read more and catch up on evetything that has happened this week!

Product Reviews

January 21, 2019
Scenery Review
By: Sam Clark
MisterX6, mastermind behind ShortFinal Design, is just hours away from releasing his latest payware scenery; Munich Airport (EDDM). To celebrate, he's given us an exclusive pre-release copy of his latest project for us to review - so how does it stack up?


June 7 - June 9
Threshold will be back at FSExpo 2019, our CEO Magnus will be attending the event and helping us run our live tweetfeed at the space.