LuchoDev Releases Chacalluta International V2 for MSFS

Dec 1, 2022
LuchoDev has just released the second version of their Chacalluta International Airport (SCAR) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, serving the city of Arica in Chile.

No Money Mondays: Belgrade Airport for MSFS

Oct 31, 2022
This week’s No Money Monday takes us all the way to Serbia, where Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport is located. This airport is the largest and busiest airport within Serbia and is one of five international airports in the country. Numerous aircraft fly in and out of Belgrade International airport and is the main hub for Serbia’s flagship airline, Air Serbia. The airport attracts...
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First Look: Marwan Gharib and FlightFX Hjet for MSFS

Aircraft Review
Aug 22, 2022
Arguably one of the areas that appear to be neglected when it comes to Microsoft flight simulator is the business jet market, developers tend to focus on in-depth airliners or in-depth general aviation aircraft with little interest in detailed business and corporate jets.
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For Whom The Bell Tolls

Oct 21, 2021
The titular phrase comes from John Donne’s 1624 Meditations Upon Emergent Occasions. In this flamboyant work, the author reflects upon his personal experience of having come close to death. But has a similar, albeit figurative, death been lurking upon the flight simulation community? 
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