September 17, 2018
By: Alex John
Military aircraft in X-Plane are somewhat scarce when compared to civilian aircraft. But thanks to Sergei Mironov (who now goes by the payware name Red Eyes), he opted to let his Mil Mi-2 become freeware for the X-Plane community. Formally payware, the Mil Mi-2 by Sergei Mironov has been fixed by a user to become compatible with X-Plane 11!


By: Ilari Kousa
I have been part of the flight simulation community for over 25 years, and I know that there is a user segment looking for a daily-operations simulation like this: this segment includes myself. However, the real elephant in the room is whether this platform has wide enough appeal to justify a 10-year development cycle, even as a background effort? My personal fear is that it will not.


Aircraft Review
By: Garrett Yalch

"JustFlight has done a very nice job with this addon and has scored 89 out of 100 possible points, an excellent score. People who are doing real flight training or flying C152s regularly will benefit most from this aircraft because of its accuracy."

Sunday Review

Sunday Review
By: Sam Clark
It has been a very action-packed week in the X-Plane scene where users are showered with several notable aircraft releases and scenery updates. Three scenery developers: Skyline Simulations, Gaya Simulations, and Virtual Design 3D, and three aircraft developers: Zibo, VFlyteAir, and VSkyLabs has a story to share this week, read more for your fix of the week in summary.