December 14, 2018
Scenery Release
By: Sam Clark
Coming off the back of a few succesful releases of late, Russian developer JustSim has released the airport of Tenerife for X-Plane. GCTS is a conversion of the version by Digital Design, which was released earlier this year.
Plugin Update
By: Sam Clark


December 12, 2018
By: Ilari Kousa
The modern flight sim community may be one of the hardest lots in the world to please. We have aircraft add-ons where systems and flight models approach a level of fidelity previously only available in full flight simulators. Yet, we’re also, at least in my view, more dissatisfied than ever before. Why is this? I think it’s because we’ve come to want it all, and to want it now. Consider, by way of example, the critique received by Flight Factor for neglecting to update their A320, or by HiFi for opting to release ASXP as-is...
By: Alex John
By: Will Reynolds


December 5, 2018
By: Peter Tram
If you’ve been engaging with the X-Plane community on Facebook or any forum, you’ll probably see the term “BluFX” thrown around quite a couple of times; which an add-on which gives post-processing abilities to X-Plane, take it as a dynamic Instagram filter for your simulator.

Sunday Review

Sunday Review
By: Sam Clark
Welcome to the Threshold Sunday Review for today, Sunday, December the 9th. 2018’s 49th week didn’t have too much in store for X-Plane, besides a handful of previews and releases.

Product Reviews

Aircraft Review
By: Garrett Yalch
FlyJSim released their 727 back in August. Now, a couple of months after the succesful release, its time to take a step back from the craze and analyze the model in detail.