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Scenery Update
By: Peter Tram
In a facebook post on his personal profile, Frank Dainese unwraps his latest and greatest: a spectacular rendition of the Mt. Everest range in Nepal. Covering more than 1,000 kilometers of snowy mesh goodness, Frank brings his meticulous digital craftmanship to Nepal, home of Mt Everest and one of the world's most dangerous airport: Lukla.


By: Guest
There is no shortage of thought pieces lamenting social media's ability to skew reality, and to provide a platform for anyone intent on spreading misinformation. How does this affect the X-Plane community? We may not have the attention of governments trying to sway elections, but the X-Plane world has a vocal minority, sometimes with hidden agendas, that we need to be aware of.


By: Ilari Kousa
I have been part of the flight simulation community for over 25 years, and I know that there is a user segment looking for a daily-operations simulation like this: this segment includes myself. However, the real elephant in the room is whether this platform has wide enough appeal to justify a 10-year development cycle, even as a background effort? My personal fear is that it will not.


Aircraft Review
By: Garrett Yalch

"JustFlight has done a very nice job with this addon and has scored 89 out of 100 possible points, an excellent score. People who are doing real flight training or flying C152s regularly will benefit most from this aircraft because of its accuracy."

Sunday Review

Sunday Review
By: Sam Clark
Welcome to Threshold’s weekly news recap for today the 12th of August, 2018. We aim for this weekly piece to be a collection of all the news that we didn’t get to, as well as where we take a look back at all the headlines from the X-Plane world.


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