Threshold Exclusive: Star Atlas Debuts Hefei-Xinqiao Airport

Scenery Update
June 1, 2020
Six months on from the release of their first X-Plane scenery project, Star Atlas have unveiled plans for their second airport: Hefei-Xinqiao Airport in Anhui Province.
HoldMyBeer Releases Freeware SR22 Turbo G6
Aircraft Release
Jun 1, 2020
A freeware rendition of the SR22 - complete with rare features such as pilot health and failures based on wear and tear - has been released by developer HoldMyBeer.
FSimStudios & Canada4XPlane Release Kelowna International Airport (CYLW)
Scenery Release
Jun 1, 2020
Released slightly earlier than originally announced, FSimStudios and Canada4XPlane have released their first collaborative effort for X-Plane: Kelowna International.
AOA Simulations Releases Version 1.1 of their T-7A Red Hawk
Aircraft Update
Jun 1, 2020
In the first update to the developer's T-7A, two new variants, reworked textures inside and out, and X-Plane 11.50 compatibility are some of the changes to the aircraft.


Inflight 19: The Multifaceted Ty Shuff

May 28, 2020
Norm and Sol speak with Ty Shuff, most commonly known by his streaming name, Catstrator, where they discuss a wide-array of topics in Ty's life and the simulation world.
Inflight 18: A Deep Dive into XPRealistic Pro V2
Jun 1, 2020
Roy Kro from XPRealistic Pro covers the ins and outs of what he intends to achieve in the plugin's second iteration -- a major update coming soon to X-Plane users.
Inflight 17: Why Q8Pilot Returned
May 29, 2020
On this episode of Inflight, Sol and Norm sit down with the much loved Q8Pilot, to speak about the friends and followers that convinced him to make his return to YouTube.


X-Plane Sales Rundown - Memorial Weekend 2020

May 24, 2020
The end of May has really snuck up on us this year, and we’re already into Memorial Weekend 2020! X-Plane stores have surprised us with a bunch of nice deals on great products, so once again, we’ve put together a list of them all.


Threshold Review: Pilot Plus Bristol Definitive

Scenery Review
May 21, 2020
"Pilot Plus have delivered a solid rendition of Bristol Airport for X-Plane 11. In all of the criteria we’ve run it against today, it has shown above average results, with particular note put on the buildings and night lighting."


Analysis - The State of X-Plane Development in 2020: Coronavirus and Microsoft Flight Simulator

Apr 7, 2020
With the end of the novel coronavirus pandemic still months away, how will X-Plane be impacted? Will Microsoft Flight Simulator affect X-Plane too?