SSG Previews 747-8 V2 Cockpit Lighting

Aircraft Update
Aug 21, 2019
Eight days after the developer showed the progress of the main flight displays, Supercritical Simulations Group has now shown the 747-8 V2's cockpit whilst lit.

ADSparks Releases Glasgow International Airport (EGPF) Freeware

Scenery Release
August 20, 2019
ADSparks has released their rendition of Glasgow airport, for free. The airport is the second-busiest in Scotland, serving a range of domestic and international flights.

FlyJSim Rainman Package Coming to their 727 & 732 Jetliners

Aircraft Update
August 20, 2019
FlyJSim's 732 is to receive a weather radar, a TCAS-VSI instrument, and independent flight directors, as well as including rain effects and AviTab in both jetliners.

JARDesign Shows Photogrammetric Images of A320 Cockpit

Aircraft Update
August 20, 2019
Using photogrammetric/3D scanning technologies, JARDesign has been building up a new cockpit model for its A320 airliner. The images are both renders and screenshots.


No Money Mondays: L-410 Turbolet

August 19, 2019
Garrett Yalch
The L-410 Turbolet by KSGY is available on x-plane.hu for free. It’s real world counterpart is a Czechoslovakian high-wing, short-range, twin turboprop that is most flown in the Eastern Hemisphere for passenger and cargo operations.


Threshold Exclusive: Interview with Austin Meyer at FSExpo '19

August 5, 2019
Sam Clark
Threshold reporter Scott Havener sits down with Laminar Research founder Austin Meyer to discuss the past, present and future of X-Plane at FlightSimExpo in Orlando.


FSX Refugee - My Journey to X-Plane

June 22, 2019
Jose Antunes
A copy of X-Plane from 2001 sits, still, on a shelf behind me. Despite knowing of the sim for a long time, I had not used X-Plane at all. That is, until 2018. This is the story of my voyage from FSX to X-Plane.


Threshold Review: Colimata Concorde FXP

Aircraft Review
June 29, 2019
Matheson Shenher
In the end, Colimata has done a respectable effort on the Concorde, capturing the essence of Concorde pretty well in their rendition, though it lacks in many areas - modelling and fine detailing to name a few. At the current point in time the Concorde FXP by Colimata is not worth the price.