January 22, 2019
Scenery Release
Pilots based in Tel Aviv are in for a great time with a new airport rendition of Ben Gurion airport (LLBG)! Dolev Ravid, director of VATSIM Israel has given us the honour to exclusively publish the link to their scenery. Read more for images and details


January 12, 2019
By: Magnus Lorvik
Like any community there is also a very small but very loud minority that like to extend their daily misery into our virtual world in the form of aggression, abuse, vilification and bullying.Their voices tend to rise above the majority because they are loud and consistent with their abuse. This abuse is not confined to one group or forum, it’s a community wide problem and one that we as a community should not accept.


January 7, 2019
By: Alex John
Start every flight in the right direction with Better Pushback, a free plugin that works with almost every aircraft, in any place, at any time.

Did you miss?

January 20, 2019
Sunday Review
The 3rd week of 2019 got off to a good start with news of HighSkyTech releasing the long-awaited weather plugin xAmbience. HST’s 2nd payware addon was slated to release on November 28, however, due to issues in pre-release testing, it was delayed until the end of December and then to early January.

Product Reviews

December 4, 2018
Aircraft Review
By: Garrett Yalch
FlyJSim released their 727 back in August. Now, a couple of months after the succesful release, its time to take a step back from the craze and analyze the model in detail.


Threshold will be back at FSExpo 2019, our CEO Magnus will be attending the event and helping us run our live tweetfeed at the space.