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Threshold is the news, blog and review site of X-Plane 11: Next Generation, the popular Facebook group devoted to X-Plane 11. XPNG, as it is popularly known, was founded by Peter Tram and Jason Row to promote, showcase, and discuss Laminar’s ground-breaking simulator. Its rapid growth was not only due to a purposeful set of ethics laid down upon its formation, but also the resounding financial and popular success of X-Plane 11. 

As XPNG grew rapidly, Magnus Lorvik joined as an admin bringing his own set of skills, allowing us to connect with top developers in the X-Plane community. As a result, we have been able to offer excellent prizes in screenshot competitions and provide critical feedback. With the group exceeding 8000 members in a little over a year, we collectively realised the potential the group has for the promotion and community of X-Plane 11.

XPNG has also functioned as a valuable technical resource for its members. However, we still weren't satisfied. One of the things that we felt was missing from the X-Plane world was a professional, well managed, and diverse blog site. Yes, there are other sites devoted to X-Plane 11, but we feel they do not represent our values. So, we decided to do something big...
We created Threshold. Threshold is an independent, open, and free minded look at the world of X-Plane 11. Our articles are authored by a diverse range of carefully chosen writers, all of whom have a great depth of knowledge and a different experience with our chosen sim. Even more important than this is that our writers think independently, are not tied to any products, developers, or stores, and wield criticism only if it is justifiable. They retrieve information from the source and bring it directly to you. We think that you deserve the facts because we want you to be able to think freely too.

If developers provide us with their products for review, we will tell you at the very beginning of the article. However, we take care to inform developers that accepting their products does not qualify as grounds for a favourable review. This is because we want better for us, and for you. At Threshold, we believe that the days of “good enough” are over for X-Plane 11.

"The time has come for professional products and professional reviews. Welcome to Threshold, your window on the world of X-Plane 11."

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Magnus Lorvik: CEO

Peter Tram: Chief Designer

Scott Havener: Executive Editor


Ilari Kousa: Content Writer

Goose Wright: Content Writer

Samuel Clark: News Writer

Alex John: News Writer

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