Threshold is where you land.

We’re a collective of passionate doers that seeks to provide a new view of the world of X-Plane. The people at Threshold are committed to creating an ideal platform for discussion and thinking. 

We evolve from a Facebook group devoted to X-Plane 11, X-Plane 11: Next Generation. The rapid growth of this group was not only the result of an earnest set of ethics laid down upon its formation, but also the resounding financial success and rapid popularization of the X-Plane platform following the release of X-Plane 11.  

The energy of XPNG ultimately led to our creation. XPNG functions well as a technical resource and place of discussion for members, we still felt something missing. X-Plane still lacked a professional, well managed, and diverse platform for X-Plane discussion and analysis. We feel that other sites devoted to X-Plane do not represent our values or offer enough for both users and developers, which is why we created Threshold. 

The Threshold editorial is an independent, introspective, and open-minded look at the world of X-Plane 11. Our content is authored by a diverse range of experienced writers, all of whom have a great depth of knowledge and a different experience with X-Plane.
Even more important than this: our writers think independently, are not tied to any products or developers, and wield criticism only when justifiable. They retrieve information from the source and bring it directly to you. We think that you deserve the facts because we want you to be informed enough to create your own perspective.

Threshold began as a dedicated news site for X-Plane, and is now one of the primary sources of information for X-Plane users. The second piece to the puzzle is the Threshold Store, which was launched in April 2018. Throughout our development we have revised and reiterated our values to keep the editorial and the store independent of each other by laying  down clear ground rules.The store also has a set of principles to ensure a balanced focus between developers and customers.

The last piece to Threshold is a new online community, the forum, which was launched in August 2018. The forum serves as a new platform to bring together like-minded users who want to contribute to the community, one insight at a time. We envision the forum to be the ultimate center for both the user and developer,offering dedicated sub-forums (clubs) for every developer so they can contact and support their user base.

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