Empowerment through a tenacious drive
for truthfulness and accountability.

We Hold...

Morals before Malice.

We started Threshold because we felt that other websites serving the Flight Sim community did not represent our values and ethos or offer enough for both users and developers. We set out to provide a new view of the world of Flight Simulation.
We Build...

A place where the experienced can educate and inform

Our content is authored by a diverse range of experienced writers, all of whom have a great depth of knowledge and a different experience with Flight Simulation. We are committed to creating an ideal platform for thinking and discussion.
We Believe...

You deserve an impartial view on important subject matters

Our writers think independently, are not tied to any products or developers, and wield criticism only when justifiable. They retrieve information from the source and bring it directly to you. We think that you deserve the facts because we want you to be informed enough to create your own perspective.


We hope that this small FAQ would answer your concerns regarding the operation of Threshold News, Threshold Store, and Threshold Forum.


  • The Threshold Administration consists of four individuals: Magnus Lorvik: CEO, Peter Tram: Chief Designer, Alex John, Chief Operations, and Sam Clark: Editor-In-Chief.
  • Magnus manages the Threshold Store, Peter manages design and products at Threshold, Alex oversees the general operations of the entire company, and Sam manages the News & Editorial.
  • Articles written by any Executive that is not the Editor-in-Chief must be approved for publishing by the Editor-In-Chief.
  • The Threshold Editorial will clearly mark reviews of products that is being sold, or likely being sold, on the Threshold Store.
  • Credit must be given to all individuals that contribute to a piece.
  • Writers are encouraged to write in their own style, but news shall be written impartially.
  • Personal attacks against other individuals and entities are not acceptable.
  • Evidence must be provided for any allegations against individuals or entities.
  • In order to avoid bias and conflicts of interest, an objective review guide will be developed and be referred to for aircraft, scenery, plugins, etc.
  • All statements of fact, including quotations, must be appropriately cited.

Company Information

15th May, 2018

Company Type:
Aksjeselskap (A.S.)

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