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Threshold is the world's largest X-Plane news site, and since our foundation in February 2018, we've found ourselves as the hub for discussions regarding both the simulator itself and the vast third party addon scene attached to it.

We offer content for everyone - news, editorial, opinion, reviews and media - to get the most out of the simulator we love. We're always there, on the forefront of Flight Simulation, whether it be the latest release, thought-provoking op-ed or educational video.

To advertise with us is to showcase your work to the global Flight Sim community, the nearly 400,000 that have visited us before and the thousands still to come.

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At Threshold, we aim to fill an area where we felt was poorly represented in the community; an impartial X-Plane News and Editorial website that delivers insightful content to flight simmers around the world. Throughout our short history we've set high standards of our editorial integrity, which the X-Plane community has wholeheartedly accepted.

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Since February 2018, Threshold has grown from nothing to being the world's leader in Flight Simulation news. From a team of three, we've grown to upwards of fifteen dedicated editorial members for optimum response time, which has lead to over 2 years of consistent growth in terms of both pageviews and users.

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