Much Money Mondays: A New Direction for Threshold

April 1, 2024

For almost as long as Threshold has been in existence, we have been publishing a series called No Money Mondays, featuring a freeware add-on from the community, be it an airport, aircraft, or anything in between. For 6 years now, we’ve showcased some of the best that the flight simulation community has to offer, but we here at Threshold have felt a nagging sense that we’re missing something in our series. So, after 6 years, we’ve decided to plot a new course for our longest running series. We’re so proud to announce today that No Money Mondays will continue to grow under a new banner that we’re calling: “Much Money Mondays.”

Here at Threshold, we believe in pushing the boundaries of flight simulation journalism, and so we’ve decided that freeware is so out of style. They keep making the same things over and over, and over again. Covering an unknown airport in who knows where, built by some stranger with Blender is not the future of flight simulation. Part of why we switched was our realization that expensive things are better, so we applied that vision to this series, because empty wallets are truly the future. Following this vision, for the inaugural edition of Much Money Mondays, we are featuring the A320 Full Flight Simulator.

Bask in its glory!

Fully qualified to train pilots, this simulator is the most realistic representation of an A320 available today! With every circuit breaker, switch, knob, and system working, you’ll feel like you’re in an actual aircraft. Setting this up and connecting it to your PC is a total breeze, requiring only a measly construction team and crane. It comes with software from the FS9 era, because who cares about VFR these days? It also comes with a major boost in coolness factor. Forget the expensive lifted pickup truck, everyone will fawn over your new simulator, especially your mother!

See? She approves!

For more information about this amazing simulator, make sure to watch their in-depth overview of all the features here!

You can get this amazing simulator for the cheap sum of $18 million USD here. After all, who can't afford that? If you don't have that kind of cash lying around, what are you doing?

We hope that this new direction in our content will push our hobby to new heights, and put Threshold at the forefront of the future of flight simulation! So, stay tuned to Threshold for next week’s edition of Much Money Mondays where we’ll cover how to buy a private airliner!

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