No Money Mondays: 67FL Bald Eagle Airfield - Myakka Head Air Strip

June 24, 2024

Youtuber Cleetus McFarland started his annual “Month Of Freedom” this year with a massive “hell yeah brother” and an announcement that he had purchased an airfield. The move comes as no surprise as he’s started to add more aviation content to his channel.

Following the announcement, a developer named Yankee jumped into action, bringing the flight sim community a free version of 67FL Bald Eagle Airfield - Myakka Head Air Strip.

The scenery package is available here from and includes 67FL as well as both the Freedom Factory and Bradenton Motorsports park. The airfield as well as both tracks can be found along State Road 64 with the airfield being approximately 24nm east of Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport (KSRQ).

67FL features a single 3400’ grass runway as well as a small lake that can accommodate float plane traffic. The private field is home to a few hangar buildings, some grass, and some friendly cows that guard the gate. Being that it's a private field, Yankee’s freeware is currently one of the best ways to explore the airfield and I’m sure it will continue to grow with the “Cleeter crew” at the helm of the project.

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