No Money Mondays: Osaka Itami Airport by KADO_t

July 1, 2024

Another Monday means another edition of No Money Mondays! This week, we are headed to Osaka, the third-biggest city in Japan, to check out an amazing freeware rendition of Osaka Itami International Airport by KADO_t.

Opened in 1939 as No.2 Osaka Airport, it was used mainly by the Imperial Japanese Army, until the end of WW2, when US forces took it over. It was expanded and renamed to Itami Air Base. After the airport returned to Japanese control in 1959, it was expanded and renamed once more, this time its new name was Osaka Airport. Between the 1950s and 1994, Osaka Itami was served by a variety of major carriers, such as Pan Am, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Air India, Korean Air and Northwestern Air. 

In 1994, the new airport opened in Osaka - Kansai. It is Osaka’s current international airport, while Itami became a domestic airport. Today it is served by 7 airlines: ANA, Amakusa Airlines, ANA Wings, Ibex Wings, J-Air, Japan Air Commuter and JAL to over 40 destinations in Japan.

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