No Money Mondays: deejing Van's RV-4

March 25, 2024

This week No Money Monday highlights a new release from the community, the deejing Van's RV-4.

The Van's RV-4 is a popular kit-built aircraft designed for amateur construction by home builders. It is a two-seat, single-engine, low-wing monoplane. Also, Known for its excellent performance, agility, and aerobatic capabilities.

deejing is already famous in the MSFS community for some free releases such as the other pair of Van's planes, the RV-7 and RV-7A and some other aircraft, with the RV-4 being the most recent addition to its fleet.

My first impression of the aircraft is that it is a very fun little plane to fly, especially if you like to do some acrobatics, it is very fast and responds very well to control inputs.

The aircraft is available in the OG version, with analog instruments and a GNS530 to help with navigation. It has an autopilot if you prefer long instrument flights, as its range of around 700nm leaves nothing to be desired.

The internal and external modeling is very good, with the external one standing out for all its curves and dents of a home-built aircraft.According to deejing, the aircraft still has some details missing that will be worked on over time, such as rivets or textures. The sound comes from the default Cap10, but it's not bad at all since both aircraft sound similar.

The Van's RV-4 can be found at and the installation process is the same as other aircraft for MSFS.

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