PMDG Face EFB Backlash

October 19, 2023

PMDG has long been a staple in the flight simulation community, known for its commitment to delivering high-quality aircraft add-ons that push the boundaries of realism. However, recent developments surrounding PMDG's promised Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) have left some community members frustrated and questioning the company's practices.

PMDG, under the leadership of CEO Robert Randazzo, had generated significant anticipation with the announcement of an Electronic Flight Bag for their 737NG lineup on MSFS, a feature that many in the flight simulation community eagerly awaited. The EFB was touted as a revolutionary addition to PMDG's 737, promising enhanced functionality and an even more immersive experience for virtual pilots.

Flight sim Pilots like you and I are known for their attention to detail and passion for realism. PMDG, being a prominent player in the market, has often set high standards for itself. As a result, the community's expectations were understandably elevated when the EFB was announced. Virtual pilots looked forward to a tool that would not only enhance their in-sim experience but also set a new benchmark for other developers to follow.

However, as development progressed, some flight sim community members began expressing discontent over what they perceived as unfulfilled promises. Concerns about delays in the EFB's release and a perceived lack of transparency from PMDG regarding the development status were raised. This led to a growing sentiment that the company was not living up to its commitments.

The flight simulation community is tightly-knit, and dissatisfaction with a developer's practices can spread rapidly. Forums, social media groups, and other online platforms became venues for discussing PMDG's shortcomings. Some users expressed frustration not only with the delayed EFB but also with what they perceived as a pattern of overpromising and underdelivering in recent PMDG releases.

This pattern of overpromising and consistently saying updates will be released or teased “soon” has become all too frequent with PMDG, and it has become transparent with their EFB debacle; they need to address this to keep their paying customers supporting them in the future. 

Along with this, PMDG has developed the practice of banning/ removing paying customers posts from their forums if they contain criticism against the development group, this is not practice for any other major development groups and it has a terrible look upon the development team and their attitude toward customer feedback. Over the last number of weeks Threshold has been reached out to by various PMDG customers asking could this be covered by us to warn potential customers to the bad habits and practices displayed by the group. It's certainly a concerning trend when customers cannot voice their opinions on a product anymore without being censored.

Note - As of 10-19-2023 the editorial in chief was initially banned and then penalised from posting in their forums due to them being unhappy with the current direction things are going and asking them to comment/ voicing their concerns. This trajectory would warrant us to warn any prospective customers to veer away from PMDG until they can listen to their customers and begin working with them, rather than against them.

Unfortunately, we do not have a release date or in fact, any real news to give you other than PMDG have teased a slight section of the EFB in a photo released on their Forums and the promise that Randazzo will announce a release date this coming weekend. 

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