Inflight 16: The Future and Behind the Scenes of SimToolkitPro with Dan

May 8, 2020

On this episode of Inflight, Norm joins us again for the intro as we discuss X-Plane 11.5 Vulkan and the traffic boom on VATSIM during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to that, they also sit down with Dan, the brains behind the uber-popular SimToolkitPro application for X-Plane and P3D. During this interview, Norm and Sol get to know Dan: where he is from, how he got into flight simulation, and how he got into programming. Like many of us, Dan started his fascination with aviation when he was young. As such, he has been a member of the community for a number of years but until developing SimToolkitPro, he never fully understood what the community wanted.

Soon after, they delve into the behind the scenes of STKP, specifically covering the program Dan is using to develop for other platforms. To Sol's excitement, Dan was open to discuss Linux leading to a brief review of the topic.

Check out SimToolkitPro by visiting Dan's website.

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