TorqueSim's Take Command! SR22 Series is Updated to 1.0.1

August 5, 2020

TorqueSim has released version 1.0.1 update for the SR22 Series, existing customers of the SR22 would have an email sent to them about the update from X-Aviation with instructions on how to obtain the update. Prospective users of the SR22 who would buy the plane would be convenienced to have their installation already updated.

The new version introduces major enhancements all around the aircraft, along with several bug fixes. The most significant issues were resolved including the CTD some users experienced when loading and/or activating the aircraft and incompatibility with other plugins. To close, the developer encourages users to contact them for any bugs that they encounter.

New in the update:

  • [SR22-376] – Resolve the CTD and inter-plugin incompatibility bugs
  • [SR22-337] – FS Economy support (ability to disable custom load manager to use default)
  • [SR22-348] – Show load readout in gallons on load manager
  • [SR22-353] – Allow weight configuration for pax and baggage in the load manager
  • [SR22-354] – Simulate door closing with airflow over aircraft (airspeed, rpm, spiraling slipstream, temperature, air density, and more all are part of this simulation!)
  • [SR22-20] – FMOD Improvements and Modifications
  • [SR22-150] – Improved VR Config file

Bug Fixes:

  • [SR22-338] – YD could be on at cold/dark
  • [SR22-340] – G1000 Checklist Cruise climb airspeed too high on SR22 Normally Aspirated
  • [SR22-350] – Glass reflectivity persistence
  • [SR22-351] – Add support for the main “-” character in the livery editor
  • [SR22-352] – Oil temp could be frozen by fast power lever movements
  • [SR22-357] – Airframe replace button now also fixes all X-Plane failures
  • [SR22-362] – PFD buttons didn’t work when MFD is off
  • [SR22-363] – Flap animation could cause issues in replay mode
  • [SR22-368] – CHT caution stayed on when back in green range
  • [SR22-377] – Oxygen system refill logic improved
  • [SR22-342] – Milkshake visibility persists between loads
  • [SR22-344] – Engine less prone for flooding, faster flooded start
  • [SR22-369] – Higher EGT increase on single magneto
  • [SR22-373] – Improve RSG Popup functionality with older RSG plugins
  • [SR22-29] – Improve interior lighting
  • [SR22-54] – New 3D pilots and pax
  • [SR22-367] – Animate GCU knobs
  • [SR22-78] – Flap animation axis fixed
  • [SR22-208] – Engine sound not depending of engine combustion
  • [SR22-285] – Paint Kit (Available on X-Pilot Forums for Download)
  • [SR22-320] – Alt static source selector doesn’t move
  • [SR22-336] – External lighting bugs
  • [SR22-339] – Side stick AP Disconnect Command was incorrect
  • [SR22-356] – Ice light turns no longer turns off with landing light
  • [SR22-358] – SR22 Electronic trim sound doesn’t shut off after using trim.
  • [SR22-359] – Key animation fixed
  • [SR22-360] – External sound depends on door
  • [SR22-364] – PFD mislabeled knob
  • [SR22-245] – FMOD Physics Connection
  • [SR22-349] – Rotating GCU knobs
  • [SR22-365] – G1000 Pixel Effect Visibility
  • [SR22-366] – Commands for Exterior Items

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