X-Plane 12.0.8-rc-1 Is now live!

The Release Candidate One of Update 12.0.8 is now released, addressing several bugs in the simulator, including CTD in certain instances, issues with Better Pushback, and more.

The 12.0.8-rc-1 update has fixed bugs related to the Skyhawk assertion failures when loading the SkyHawk floats on solid ground and crashes when popping up the ATC window at EGPR. Various PNG iCCP warnings with the Zibo 737 and 12.0.08-beta 2 have also been addressed. Better Pushback error has been retitled to "impossible to push back....".

Further issues like the rotating tips during loading screens and the performance regression reading "sim/aircraft/view/acf_livery_path" have also been fixed. The erratic catapult behavior of the Aircraft Carrier, which violently snapped aircraft to location when taxing close, has also been resolved.

Furthermore, the freezing mode, which was not working correctly, has also been resolved. All these fixes come after the significant release of version 12.0.8, which includes new engine model improvements, landing gear physics, fuel temperature models, graphics fixes, and more.

You can find more information about the changes in the latest update by watching Austin's update video, in which he discusses the evolution of these features and how they affect flight dynamics and other sim parameters.

As usual stay tuned to Threshold for more flight simulation news and updates.

Special thanks to Joandreas on the Threshold Discord for this news tip!

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