Just Flight Previews New Passenger Cabins for 146 Professional

Just Flight has recently previewed their brand-new passenger cabins for the 146 Professional for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which will soon be available as a free update for all existing owners.

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The cabins feature a high-density 3+3 layout, custom-modeled for each 146 variant, with differences in the rear seating layout because of the fuselage’s curvature and miniature overhead bins on the seat rows below the wing structure.

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The screenshots show the 146-300, the longest variant in the family, and they are currently working on integrating the new cabin into the shortest variants as well.

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The galleys will feature a fully functional attendant’s panel with cabin lights, ground power control, and several annunciators for cabin-related items such as seatbelt signs and door locks.

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There will also be a panel on the vestibule controlling the communications between the forward and aft galley, the passenger cabin, and the cockpit, as in real life. It will also house the controls for the cabin sound system, allowing the user to play music and manually adjust the volume as desired.

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While all the doors will still be controllable via EFB, users can open and close them by clicking on their handles, as in real life.

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The development process had performance in mind, ensuring minimal performance impact. Users who do not wish to have it visible can disable it through the EFB.

There’s no information on the release date for said update yet, but Threshold will keep you informed!

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