Captain7, 29Palms & Stairport Sceneries Releases Nürnberg XP

April 2, 2020

Aerosoft's new Nurnberg scenery for X-Plane, a conversion of that for Prepar3D, saw the hands of three different developers during its year-and-a-quarter development span: Captain7, 29Palms and more recently, Stairport Sceneries.

First announced to be coming to Laminar's sim in the youngest breaths of 2019, the scenery has only been previewed once in that time: a four image post from Stairport Sceneries that was put out only a few weeks ago.

Being one of the most anticipated scenery products in some time when it was released for Prepar3D in 2018, the silence can surely be forgiven.

Acclaimed as "Bavaria's second largest international airport in an incomparably authentic and lively atmosphere to X-Plane", the publishers Aerosoft think highly of the scenery. Featuring "state of the art" conversion techniques, they ensure the two and a half years of work that the original developers gave to the ESP platform rendition of Nurnberg has been captured well and with smooth performance for the end user.

Nurnberg XP also contains 55km² of satellite imagery, with full seasonal textures thanks to SAM2, PBR ground marking textures, HDR night lighting and a bunch of SAM2 features such as a moving radar tower, animated jetways and the like.

The full feature list can be found below:

  • Highly realistic rendition of Nuremberg Airport based on most recent geodata
  • 55 km² satellite imagery coverage with resolution up to 20cm/px including all seasons
  • Highly detailed buildings with internal modelling of the terminal and Hangar 2
  • PBR ground and marking textures
  • Athmospheric HDR night lighting
  • Animated Jetways (SAM2 Plugin required)
  • Custom seasonal textures (SAM2 Plugin required)
  • Snow and rain effects
  • Animated FAI gate (SAM2 Plugin required)
  • Custom Runway lights automatically switched on in low visibility
  • Detailed airport lighting including REILs, Running Rabbits and HDR Lighting
  • Custom vehicle animations on the apron
  • Animated tower radar (SAM2 Plugin required)
  • Static aircraft with proper liveries and registrations
  • XPlane conform export of all scenery elements using the latest techniques

Aerosoft, 29Palms, Captain7 and Stairport Sceneries' Nurnberg for X-Plane can be found for €20.97 EUR (excl. VAT) from the Aerosoft website. Alternatively, you can also find the scenery on sale on 29Palms' store (€24.95, tax included), or that of Flightbeam ($23.95 USD).

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