CremonaSoft Updates Airbus A310 to Version 1.4.0

Friday, September 27, 2019

The Airbus A310 by CremonaSoft has been updated with improved frame rate, the addition of 3D sounds, GPWS test mode, and more.

This follows on from the last update at the start of August, which included a new autopilot, flight model and cockpit.

Quoting an update post by the developer on, version 1.4.0 consists of:

  • Optimisations for frame-rate
  • Added 3D sounds
  • Added AP disconnect upon stick shaker
  • Added GPWS Test mode (hold GPWS/GS button for > 5 seconds)
  • Added power bus check for system sounds
  • Added new manipulators for controls and levers
  • Added flight director pitch protection
  • Fixed reversion bug when selecting AP Level Change mode whilst AP Takeoff mode is active
  • Fixed bug upon executing FMC 'DIR' command with empty flight plan
  • Fixed bleed air availability logic for engine starters

The developer added: "We read all your posts here on the forum- and appreciate your comments and engagement, whilst we continue to add value to our A310. -Our focus is currently on completing VNAV functionality."

Not long after this post, the developer stated that they are "aware of an issue with flaps usage after a cold start," and noted a fix will be available soon.

The Airbus A310 is available to buy from for US $49.95.

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