Zibo 737-800X Updated to v3.41

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The ever-popular freeware 737 mod created by Zibo has received it's next large update today, bringing it up to version 3.41.

The mod's last major update came out just on two months ago with the 3.40 update adding the option for using flight load/save and accommodations for weight and balance saving too.

The creator provided the changelog to Threshold:

  • fixed critical bug in obj file (issue no wings)
  • corrected AP, FD, MCP, FMC and some systems by input RL pilot
  • corrected ND and ISFD include ISFD bootup sequence
  • corrected landing gear struct damp
  • add checklist file for Xchecklist plugin - Thanks to @vin_KaiZen (Terra-Fly.eu)
  • corrected and improved systems (fuel temperature, window temperature, flameout,...)
  • add standalone option for sync ISDF Baro - OFF/Captain/First Offcier (see EFB)
  • add option INIT REF SMART (on/off) in EFB
  • add option Flight director HDG SEL for Takeoff (on/off) in EFB
  • transfered and optimised xlua script files to c++ code (annunciates.lua, aniice.lua, cabin.lighting.lua, comms.lua, fire.lua, gear.lua, chrono.lua, lighting.lua, switches.lua, systems.lua, trim.lua)
  • fixed code for shift CG (dynamic CG)
  • fixed bugs

Whilst that's all for version 3.41, as always with Zibo, watch this space for more improvements and new features. Threshold will keep you posted.

Download the new update from the Zibo Mod Google Drive here.

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