Threshold LevelUp Releases 737NG Series

January 1, 2022

Threshold’s development branch has released its first aircraft, the extremely anticipated 737NG series. The aircraft series covers all bases in the line-up with all variants ranging from the stumpy -600 to the length -900ER, all included in the package.

The aircraft package is the official successor to the original Ultimate mod 737-700 and 737-900 aircraft. Although a successor, the aircraft have been drastically overhauled by the whole LevelUp team, who have left no surface untouched with new PBR Textures and Updated Models.

The release of the aircraft does not halt all development for the team, coming with later updates is a new soundset and all new variants of the aircraft.

The LevelUp team has partnered with Laminar Research & FlyJSim developer Daniela Rodriguez Careri to create a soundset that’ll “have you fully zoned into the flightdeck and Cabin”.

Also planned in updates are new BBJ (Boeing Business Jets) and Freighter variants. Although no timeline has been set for these new features to land into your sim, you can follow the the progress the team has made in their Discord server.

The team has also managed to compress the file size of the aircraft to a file size lower than the size of the 737-900U when compressed. Find below a handy little graphic to demonstrate the drastic advancements in file commonality and compression.


A full feature list has been provided by LevelUp:

  • Redeveloped exterior
  • Redeveloped textures
  • Revamped Cabin
  • Powered by the latest ZiboMod
  • Integrated Real Display Mod
  • Modular Visual Architecture
  • Redeveloped Cockpit Textures
  • Redeveloped Flightmodels
  • Automated Load & Save
  • Eyebrow Windows
  • Performance Improvement Package
  • Remodelled wingtips
  • Animated aft-exit for -900ER
  • Optimised for file size efficiency
  • System assets commonality
  • New FMOD sounds

As many are aware the development within the LevelUp 737NG Project was not without challenges along the way, mainly caused by the development of the new LevelUp EFB. To circumvent such delays, the team have reverted back to using the Zibo Mod EFB with a custom skin and changes for the various aircraft models.


This time during tablet development was not wasted though, as other teams including the audio and visual ones, spent the time to redo many variants, including the landing gear and a brand new FMOD sound pack.

The Zibo Tablet was simply introduced as a temporary measure to release the aircraft for all, and will not be a permanent feature. Work on the custom LevelUp tablet continues and will be introduced in a later update.


The Threshold LevelUp 737NG Series is available now on the Threshold Forum, the file is hosted by ZiboUpdater's CDN.

Fancy getting your inner artistic skills going? The aircraft’s official paintkit is also available on the Threshold Forum.

The developer’s community Discord server can also be accessed to chat with the community or gain support with any issues you may be experiencing.

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