Felis Adds Ambient Occlusion to In-Development 747-200 Cockpit

Alex John
Thursday, August 22, 2019

Felis has continued busying himself with his Boeing 747-200, currently in the works for X-Plane 11. With the UV mapping completed, Ambient Occlusion (AO) has been the latest focus for the airliner.

AO involves adding pre-cast shadows to textures as computed in 3D modelling software, so hidden areas appear darker without the need for X-Plane 11 to do any further light calculations.

On Tuesday, Felis showed the first images of AO inside X-Plane 11, both inside and out of the cabin:

Today meanwhile, sees Felis post more AO previews, but this time from (what looks like) 3D modelling software. Felis said he is "almost there 🙂 Just few minor fixes left to do" with these images inside the cockpit:

Felis posts all major development updates to this forum thread; you can follow it to keep updated.

Thanks be to Janis for the news tip-off! Join us in our Discord server here.

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