Supercritical Simulations Group Releases Version 2.2r3 of their Boeing 747-8

October 22, 2020

Supercritical Simulations Group has released a new update to their B 747-8 Inter Anniversary Edition.

Versioned 2.2r3, SSG has made some notable improvements in this update such as wing flex animation and behaviour, flight dynamics and VR implementation. The latter now has hot spots in the cockpits seats.

Adding to that is the improvement of LNAV crosswind behaviour and ILS approach indicators on the PFD, an option to select the heading and track up on the ND via the tablet, and fewer oscillations during VNAV climb.

SSG has also bettered the track presentation on the ND and added the ability to enter the aircraft’s weight in the approach page to check VREF speeds.

For bug fixes, the developer has fixed the ‘Direct to’ option on the FMS, engine nacelle oscillation whilst parked on the ground, and the heading up command.

To top the update off, IRS switch movement no longer blocks the ND after alignment.

The update is available through the updater or store, though some users have complained of a corrupt zip file when using the latter method to update.

SSG released the freighter variant of the same aircraft exactly two months ago.

Also part of version 2.2, today’s release candidate builds on this major update with quite a hefty changelog to boot. SSG Updates Boeing 747-8 v2, Releases Freighter

All the latest from SSG can be found through their Facebook page.

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