SSG Reveals Closer Look at System Displays and Centre Pedestal of 747-8 V2

Alex John
Friday, August 23, 2019

Even more previews of Supercritical Simulations Group's (SSG) 747-8 V2 have been posted to

Firstly, the developer opted to clarify their stance on the resolution and clarity of the cockpit displays, by stating the following:

"About resolution. The actual resolution was decided by the team after many tests, the resolution of the displays, the fonts is all designed by the SSG team. The true type fonts was designed by Kostas under real B748 pilots advising.

"We decided for this max size a medium 3 years old good gaming computer  with 2GB video card could run it at the minimum 20 fps. in a moderate resolution. So 4k cockpit panel  was the first to be eliminated because it was much heavier. We don't want to make a plane to a very small part of the XP community that is  already not for all.Then this images bellow was taken from my computer in a normal way in XP. Myself I am happy that can have my 2K monitor filled by a PFD and ND without a popup up for example. True a/c displays is  15" with a res of 800px. our is  640px."

These were accompanied by five images of various displays in the cockpit:

Then in another post, images of the centre pedestal were shown:

All these images follow on from Wednesday's previews showing cockpit lighting.

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