PMDG Updates Boeing 777-300ER for MSFS

PMDG has recently issued an update to their newly released Boeing 777-300ER for Microsoft Flight Simulator, addressing some WASM crashes, FMC bugs, and geometry fixes. 

They also anticipate a series of updates in the next 14 days, aiming to mitigate user experience-disrupting issues (primarily), and the other teams (model, art, and sound) will also push their fixes.

What hasn’t been fixed yet is an SU15-induced issue plaguing their 737 and 777, causing both to freeze entirely and stop responding. They have been working with Asobo to find out the root cause, and “victims” are encouraged to file a support ticket with PMDG so they can be surveyed. 

Update 2.00.0034, issued via Operations Center, addresses the CLR bug that plagued many day one 777 pilots; hitting cancel on the EICAS no longer freezes the aircraft, and many model adjustments were made. The changelog follows below:

14289: [FREEZES - All Types] Protection against CLR (fmc message) button causing a sim lockup (emvaos)
14320: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] ACTIVATE+EXECUTE a RTE with no waypoints (emvaos)
14272: [FMS - SID/STAR pages] Handling omni bearing non-runway specific SIDs (eg. KIAD CLUTCH3) (emvaos)
14340: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Gap on glareshield when looked from outside (jbrown)
14288: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] MCP buttons need refinements (vscimone)
14266: [External Model - Geometry] Cabin Curtains disappear under certain conditions (hvanrensburg)
14294: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Lights Intensity (abashkatov)
14296: [ACARS - Datalink/Connectivity] Cancel on EICAS causes freeze (hvanrensburg)
14241: [External Model - Geometry] GSX Profile - Issues (jbrown)
14246: [ACARS - CPDLC] Hoppie Login no longer working with Vatsim (hvanrensburg)
14076: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] 5R door ARM handle remains in DISARMED position (hvanrensburg)
14279: [External Model - Geometry] Brake Wear Indicator Pins in wrong place? (jbrown)
14297: [External Model - Geometry] Engine blade spacing on one blade is slightly off? (jbrown)
14322: [ACARS - Datalink/Connectivity] Can’t send requests on COMM (hvanrensburg)
0000: [Wheels & Brakes] - Parking brake cannot be released in Simple Mode.

The next update is already being tested and will fix long directory names preventing the installation process from working altogether. 

The Triple Seven is available on for $77.73.

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