PMDG Publishes Development Update for MSFS

PMDG has published the first development update since the variant reveal of their upcoming 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with information on 737 updates for the marketplace version and a brand new 777 preview image (which is the cover of this article).

Their 737 lineup is finally version matched across all platforms, all on 3.00.0091, the update which brings many memory improvements that significantly impact the product’s overall stability. That also means the Xbox version finally features the Ultimate Flight Tablet, albeit with some limitations: the data entry requires a keyboard to function, as the on-screen keyboard does not transmit data into the simulator in a way that the keystrokes could be captured by the add-on, which makes filling out the fields an impossibility.

They will be working on implementing a functional on-screen keyboard, but the turn-around time for beta builds on console is prolonged, which makes the experimenting take a lot longer than it would on PC. For now, having a keyboard attached to the console is the only way to interact with the tablet appropriately.

As they have been busy with the 777 development, the 737 updates have halted, but they will pick it back up once the 777 is released. Updates will come if SU15 introduces any change that could break the 737 family.

The 777-300ER is going through the final stage of development, where they ensure everything is polished and working accordingly. Randazzo even says they could theoretically launch the plane as it is right now, and people would be overwhelmingly happy with it. Still, they want to ensure everything is perfect before pushing the button.

They are working on getting the modern navdata conversion into beta testing, along with the lateral path guidance improvements made possible by Navigraph’s current format.

The 737 family can be found on their website or in the MSFS Marketplace, and the price ranges from $34.99 to $69.99, depending on the variant. The pricing for the upcoming 777-300ER has not yet been revealed.
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