PMDG 777-300ER’s Possible Release Date Revealed

PMDG has recently published a new thread on their forum with a possible release date for their long-awaited Boeing 777-300ER for Microsoft Flight Simulator: June 25th, with five extra backup days just in case something goes wrong.

They also confirm it's the first of many 777 variants to be released for the platform, with the 777F, 777-200ER, and 777-200LR to follow. Each will be a unique product, so users can only purchase what they want. 

The product incorporated feedback from their previous releases (DC-6 and 737), intending to bring a fully detailed LiDAR-scanned cockpit, ensuring accurate proportions and looks.

The aircraft systems are promised to be second to none, with all major and minor systems simulated to a degree where they allegedly pass the scrutiny of experienced pilots, engineers, and maintainers. 

Their Universal Flight Tablet will bring many new features specifically for the 777, including full SimBrief compatibility and Hoppie datalink. Furthermore, the navdata will be SQL-based, providing richer information to make advanced lateral pathing possible. 

It will also include the Boeing Electronic Checklist and all the certified normal and abnormal procedures for the airplane, aiding the user with troubleshooting if required.

The engine model will feature fuel burn figures within 0.3% of real-world figures, accurately reflecting the airplane's performance and range.

In unusual fashion for PMDG, they have included a high-detail passenger cabin with four distinct seating zones, seat-back displays, integrated cabin lighting that follows day and night changes, and more.

They will highlight some features of their upcoming product in the following week, and streamers will soon be able to stream it online.

Regarding availability, it will be available on from day one, and the marketplace release might take a few weeks. 

They are not sure yet about compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, but if what Microsoft said about seamless compatibility is true, it will probably work just fine.

Threshold will keep you updated with further information when available.

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