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October 24, 2023
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 Emerald Scenery Design, a developer creating sceneries for Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator, has recently released its newest addition - 8AK5 Fort Crosby. This latest release fits in well with their backcountry and tropical air strip themes. Located near Talkeetna, Alaska, this privately owned airstrip features a 1,500-foot gravel strip that turns into a dirt strip during summer; wintertime has snow berm build up alongside it. The development team has done an excellent job capturing the snow build-up, as shown in the screenshot below. 

Snow berms during the winter [Emerald Scenery Design]

The scenery encompasses an area of 2.5 NM²/4.7 KM² and includes numerous hand-built home cabins and other lively objects that bring the scenery to life. The textures are high quality, featuring PBR and 4K resolution textures. Terraforming, dirt textures, ground coverage, and shrubbery are custom-made, and the 3D trees make the environment feel more vibrant. The development team paid close attention to environmental details to create an immersive Alaskan experience.

Custom foliage, trees and vegetation [Emerald Scenery Design]

The scenery has been improved with new features such as dynamic objects. These objects include automatic hangar doors, fauna, growing vegetation, and seasonal mushrooms. Butterflies can also be seen in the spring. Furthermore, there are weather effects such as rain puddles, roof snow, and icicles that appear at certain temperatures. With such a vast coverage area, you are bound to discover something new during each flight.

Dynamic animations [Emerald Scenery Design]

[Emerald Scenery Design]

Listed below is the full feature list from Emerald Scenery Design


  • A coverage area of 2.5 NM²/4.7 KM², including multiple custom Cabins and Houses with extra details throughout.
  • All model textures done in PBR, up to 4K resolution.
  • Color-matched aerial imagery at 30cm/px.
  • Digital Elevation Model with hand-crafted terraforming at 2m/px, and fully compatible with ORBX’s Alaska Mesh.
  • Custom Gravel and Dirt ground materials with NRM textures for PBR and added detail.
  • Custom environmentals including Weeds, Wildflowers, Native Shrubs, 3D Trees, Rocks, and Logs.
  • Custom Hangar with dynamic features, interior modeling, environmental occluder, and a parking spawn.

Dynamic Features

  • Animated Hangar Door – Triggered to open when your aircraft is parked inside of or just in front of the Hangar.
  • Bears – Can be found crossing the runway and roaming the scenery. Will go into hibernation when temperatures fall below freezing.
  • Butterflies – Visible around flowers from May through September. Includes 4 different Alaska native variations! Will not show when Rain or Snow is reported.
  • Clock – Located on the back wall of the Hangar. Fully functional based on local sim time and plays ticking SFX (Wwise).
  • Improved Lighting – Hangar lighting is functional from Dusk-Dawn and while Raining or Snowing.
  • Morel Mushrooms – Pop up around the airstrip from May to July. Commonly found around Rocks and Logs.
  • Rain Puddles – Appear when Rain has been reported in the area.
  • Roof Snow & Icicles – 3D Snow & Icicles will appear on the Hangar Roof at 10℉/-12℃ and below or if it is Snowing and 30℉/-1℃ or below.
  • Snow Berms – Snow Berms will appear around the runway at 10℉/-12℃ and below or if it is Snowing and 30℉/-1℃ or below.
  • VFX – Smoke and Campfire VFX will appear throughout the scenery once temperatures fall to 50℉/10℃ or below.

Emerald Scenery Design’s Fort Crosby v1 can be purchased on their website and the (Marketplace coming soon) for only $9.99USD. File sizes are about 1.04GB unzipped on your machine. The release will also be available for Xbox users!

Check out their official release trailer below!

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