A1R Design Bureau Releases Chilton DW-1A for MSFS

March 23, 2023
nobody, apparently.

Long-term aircraft developer A1R Design Bureau, known for creating vintage aircraft for MSFS and other simulators; such as the Ryan ST-A Special, has released its next project.

The DW-1A is a Light Sport Aircraft designed in Britain in the late 1930s. It featured a 32-Hp automobile engine that had been modified for aviation use. Only 4 examples were officially built, with another 3 being built for amateur use. The DW-1A featured an all-wood construction with fabric control surfaces. This aircraft represents the pre-war recreational aircraft that vintage aircraft lovers can bring to their MSFS hangar.

The A1R DW-1A can be purchased at the Just Flight Store for $21.49 USD and will require 1.42 GB of storage to install. Stay tuned to Threshold for more aircraft releases. 

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