A2A Simulations Updates Accu-Sim Comanche for MSFS

A2A Simulations has recently updated their Accu-Sim Comanche to version 1.2.0, improving animations, ground physics tweaks, auto-rudder support, and more.

It’s the second update since its release in mid-July, bringing 40 changes. The complete changelog follows down below:

  • Improved wing flex animation to work properly at all framerates and fixed bug that caused extreme wing flex movements at around 20 fps
  • Improved cockpit glass transparency for better clarity, particularly with high-end VR headsets
  • Added support for ambient sounds with door and windows opened and during walkaround
  • Added support for mono Bluetooth headsets with low sampling rate
  • Added function to EDM 830 to reset fuel used by holding both buttons on USD screen (accessed via right click and hold on either button)
  • Fixed shock cooling warning not showing when it should on EDM 830
  • Added additional protection against false prop strikes caused by terrain errors
  • Reduced lift provided by flap gap seals
  • Additional tuning of ground physics
  • Added tablet brightness slider to tablet settings
  • Improved handling of magneto starter shortcuts
  • Added starter button response to magneto events for improved hardware panel compatibility
  • Added function to remove registration placard in cockpit via mouse click
  • Removed clicking sound from GPS and COMM radio volume knobs
  • Fixed ADF on/off sound
  • Reduced size of click spots to hide and show yokes
  • Improved smoothness of cabin door animation
  • Fixed generator bug where it would not come back online if all electrics were off, idle was reduced to shut it off then increased to turn it back on again
  • Added ability to fix landing lights in the walkaround
  • Fixed fuel quantity gauges tooltips
  • Fixed small issues in external model, left windshield frame, elevator trim rivets and nose wheel steering cylinder animation
  • Increased amount of yoke deflection required to disconnect autopilot
  • Fixed yoke movement turning off autopilot master switch rather than disconnecting autopilot
  • Added overhaul confirmation to maintenance page of tablet
  • Fixed cockpit persistence and loading with cold and dark and phases
  • Fixed engine temperature not being properly saved with cold start
  • Fixed event flood associated with com channel spacing
  • Changed centre of gravity units to inches rather than percent on tablet fuel and payload page
  • Fixed issue where rudder could get damaged too easily when not in use
  • Added support for MSFS auto-rudder function
  • Improved compatibility with MSFS parking brake event so it no longer interferes with toe brakes operation
  • Updated gauge glass rendering
  • Fixed navigation lights key shortcuts
  • Added prop lever choice to persistent per-livery state
  • Tuned yoke animation
  • Fixed door opening in multiplayer
  • Fixed cabin door latch animation
  • Tuned balance of beacon motor sound effect
  • Fixed screws position on the right main fuel tank
  • Amended references to recommended maximum landing gear operating speed on page 35 of the pilot's manual

They finish the update announcement with a note saying they are still investigating an issue where the tablet is unclickable on SU13 Beta for VR users.

The add-on is available on their store for $49.99, requiring at least 1.8 GB of free hard disk space.

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