A2A Simulations Updates Accu-Sim Comanche for MSFS

A2A Simulations has recently updated their Accu-Sim Comanche 250 to version 1.3, including multiple bug fixes and two new features.

The third update since its release brings the ability to switch off trim acceleration, an option to set metric air temperature and pressure units independently of each other and regional settings within the simulator, and a substantial changelog with seventeen fixes, which follows down below:

  • Fixed parking brake not engaging when brakes are somewhat worn
  • Fixed accelerated corrosion damage when aircraft is not in use
  • Added persistent rudder trim behavior
  • Fixed double clicks being necessary at some stations if conducting a second walkaround
  • Fixed overstress crash if moving camera position to external instrument view camera via keystroke
  • Fixed TDS GTN 750Xi not initializing under certain conditions
  • Added function to repair landing lights using the tablet
  • Fixed bug where very low FPS could cause runaway physics and animation artefacts
  • Added trim acceleration option to the tablet
  • Added independent options for metric temperature and air pressure to the tablet
  • Linked ADF timer volume to warnings volume slider in the tablet
  • Fixed tip tank gauge not powering down when battery was switched off with right tank selected
  • Fixed memory leak when engine analyzer page of tablet open
  • Added support for rudder axis when auto rudder is selected in MSFS assistance options
  • Fixed modeling of left ashtray
  • Fixed part of rudder pedals axle being visible from the outside
  • Mapped fuel selectors to MSFS "left main", "left aux", "2 right main", "2 right aux" key shortcuts

The add-on is available on their store for $49.99, requiring at least 1.8 GB of free hard disk space to install.

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