The Official IniBuilds summer event with A300 progress details.

The Official IniBuilds summer event starts tomorrow! iniBuilds reminds you to have your iniManager up to date for downloads. Each day IniBuilds will feature discounts for 24 hours only on new products by iniBuilds or a production partner. Expect the debut of two new partners as well! Event dates are August 24 at 5 pm BST and new deals daily at 5 pm BST. The Grand finale product announcement is on August 28!

IniBuilds sheds light on the build progress of the highly-anticipated A300-600 since its debut at FSExpo last June. Their forum post showcases high-res images of details like rivets, screws, and panel gaps, as well as the usage of high-resolution decal sheets. The photos highlight the distinctive work the team is doing.

IniBuilds showcased the recreated animations of A300's cargo door, as well as the fully operational nose gear model. They also discussed the systems and flight model.

 “In the last update we provided, we talking about some of the key features this product is going to include such as comprehensive systems simulation, realistic flight model, full ACARS, CPDLC simulation, and a whole lot more! “

IniBuilds used the latest simulation techniques within the flight model CFD simulations flowing over the wings tail ending by reinjection into the A300 fight model. Improved ground effect using CFD technology, accurate drag, and engine thrust simulations throughout the flight envelope. Lastly mentioned was the complete overhaul and rebuild of the autopilot systems. Key highlights are new operating flight directors providing smoother operations and a new auto land system with LOC and GS laws. LVL Change V/S will be much smoother in the Auto Pilot handling overhaul. Improved core system logic and a new LNAV system improve with processing more complex SIDs and STARs.

The pricing/release timeline shapes up like this.

“To those of you, who were concerned about the PW variant; I have some good news. We are going to introduce this into the package for FREE

Stage 1 Release: GE Freighter & Passenger (v1.00) before the end of 2023. 🥳
GE Freighter

Stage 1 Hotfix before the end of 2023 (free update) 🔥

Stage 2 Update: PW Update, IDC addition & Bug fixes early 2024 (free update) 🥳
PW Freighter
IDC Panel update in cockpit: This is the modern radio panel option, whereby we will simulate full CPDLC & ACARS via Hoppie along with the modern radio unit function.

Stage 3 Update: EPIC Mod variant (paid expansion) sometime 2024 🔥
GE/ PW Freighter w/ EPIC Mod Cockpit w/IDC

We hope you are excited for iniBuilds Summer Surprises & the upcoming iniBuilds A300-600 🥳 💖

As always stay tuned to Threshold for more updates on the IniBuilds Summer event and A300 news!

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