Fenix Block Two Delayed

Fenix Simulations announced the news of the much-anticipated Block Two update of their A320 aircraft via Discord. Fenix's Project manager, Aamir, provided details and progress of the remodeling and improvement of the external model. The team has been working hard to get the update out as soon and smoothly as possible. 

Aamir further enlightens us on the changes to the artwork side of the project. They are still working on moving textures and remaining decals to their new workflow. The team shared images of the recent model highlighting improvements in texturing window modeling and other noticeable details. According to the Discord post, the windows now match more accurately to the interiors, giving a greater sense of depth. The team also worked heavily on improving access panels, doors, and latches, with 3D modeling of their physical shapes. These details are further completed with textures highlighting the dirt and grime that build up over time. The landing gear is another critical rebuild mentioned, taking four months to complete. The improvement over V1's landing gear is night and day. New attention to details like hydraulic lines, tensioning springs, actuators, and fasteners are major improvement areas. 

The team highlighted many further details by modeling every panel and seam throughout the bird. The overall shape is noted as an improvement, showing a three-quarters overhead shot. This shot shows off the improved modeling and accuracy matching closer to the real-world counterpart. According to Aamir, V2 will consume much less VRAM, even with enhanced modeling and details. V2 will run much better than V1 now, stating, "It feels like voodoo.".

The delay was unexpected, but the Fenix's continues to work on making this version a completely new experience. Aamir thanks the community for "for sticking with us through the bumps in the roads." To read more on the subject check out the link to the Discord announcement here

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