FlightFactor Releases A350 Beta for X-Plane 12

September 25, 2022

Popular aircraft developer FlightFactor has recently announced a compatibility update for the beloved, highly in-depth A350 Advanced for X-Plane 12. Not much has been updated on the aircraft overall though the plane now works with the SimBrief flight plan downloader. It must also be mentioned that this aircraft is now in Beta for X-Plane 12.

The lack of any exciting new features in this Beta update and any news for the A350’s future is expected after the recent updates of the 767 and 757. Unfortunately there is still no news on their 787 that is still in the works but keep your eyes peeled for possible sneak peaks in the future.

Currently, the A350 beta can be obtained from the X-Updater for current owners of the A350. Make sure to check the BETA box to allow the aircraft to work in X-Plane 12. If you have not yet bought this A350 you can find it on the X-Plane Store.

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