Aerosoft Announces Aerosoft One

July 19, 2021

Intriguing news this week as an unexpected announcement came from Aerosoft, the team pulled an Orbx and proudly announced their Aerosoft One addon management app on their forums.

A basic rundown of Aerosoft One, it’s mainly a software which allows you to install and buy scenery from an application on your computer, providing a more polished addon acquisition process in contrast to the more tedious installation process.

The preview above showcases the general interface that the user will see when navigating available addons. the right main pane lists all the addons supported by the Aerosoft One software, (which obviously doesn’t represent all of the products form Aerosoft for MSFS) as they are very busy porting their product’s unboxing experience over to their software.

Moving down, the installed addons menu bears similar resemblance to the product library above, except with technical purchasing information and other important details such as Manuals, support and uninstallation…

The app also provides flexibility in regards to installation locations there is a dialog box which prompts you to select a locale to install your products, (and also indirectly tells you whether shows you desperately need to clean your drives.)

And finally you can also view your download queue, which is accompanied in many installation applications, but is also very well needed.

Mathjis from Aerosoft mentioned how much more information is arriving in the coming weeks with further development and to stay tuned. The original post by Aerosoft can be found on their forums.

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