Aerobask to Debut New Aircraft Next Year

December 10, 2019

Aerobask appears to have been working on another project alongside their hotly-anticipated Falcon 8X.

A single image was posted to their Facebook page today, showing part of the cockpit of this unannounced aircraft.

Some cockpit controls can be seen, along with what appears to be carbon fibre materials making up much of the image.

Aerobask wrote on their Facebook page: "Waiting the Falcon 8X, we will provide soon (ETA : february 2020) a new high quality small toy to enjoy your flight.

"Stay tune for more information. 😊"

Aerobask is working on the Falcon 8X, in partnership with its manufacturer Dassault. The last update was with regards to a video preview showing various aspects inside and outside of the jet.

Aerobask Unveils Dassault Falcon 8X Video Teaser
Aerobask Unveils Dassault Falcon 8X Video Teaser

Progress on Aerobask's projects stalled for several weeks in October, due to the loss of a family member.

Lead developer "Yoyoz" shared a few details about his grief, and the impact it had on the development of the 8X. Further details were shared in a post on

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Aerobask post major updates to their Facebook page here.

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