Aerobask Provides Information on X-Plane 12 Product Line

January 15, 2022

Well-known aircraft developer, Aerobask has gone to the Forums to provide an insight into their future, by sharing information on various aircraft and their expected X-Plane 12 updates.

Starting off, it was confirmed that the  Phenom 300, Diamond DA50 and DA62, Epic E1000-G1000 and Legacy RG would all be receiving free updates for X-Plane 12. It was also stated that the Eclipse E550, Pipistrel Panthera and Velocity V-Twin may see updates if possible with SASL2. Furthermore, Aerobask announced that their upcoming Dassault Aviation Falcon8X (and any future products) will be developed for X-Plane 12 only.

Moving on, Aerobask stated that their ViperJet LXR and Epic E1000-Skyview products won’t be receiving compatibility updates for X-Plane 12. Alongside this, the developer said that they are unsure whether the Epic Victory G1000 would be subject to an update.

Furthermore, the developer announced that their X-Plane 11 product line won’t be receiving any further updates unless a severe issue arises. 

Lastly, the developer made it clear that users should not expect the updates to be released on day one for X-Plane 12, with the developer saying “this takes time but we are committed to deliver(ing)”

To view the source post for this article, head over to the Forums.  

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