Aero Dynamics Previews Freeware KC-10/DC-10 for MSFS

October 31, 2022

The Aero Dynamics team has published a new quarterly drop on their Discord server, showcasing the current state of their freeware KC-10/DC-10 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with extensive focus on their 3D scanned cockpit. It is said to feature swappable instruments to provide both the OG experience and a modern flight suite, along with an EFB that will allow users to customize the cockpit settings, handle ground services, checklists, Navigraph and SimBrief integration, and OSM maps.

Regarding displays and systems, they have managed to integrate the fuel gauges into the aircraft, with upgrades to the font accuracy coming in the near future. Further progress with the electrical system has made viable work on a more advanced fuel system and the APU, with pneumatic and hydraulic systems to follow.

They have also showcased two new models, the DC-10-30F (freighter) and the 10 Tanker. The 10F is their first DC-10 variant, featuring nine liveries, including FedEx (old and new), Aeroflot, and United. The latter is a tanker, capable of dropping fire retardant with the press of a button!

Credits to AllNaturalBlue for the news scoop.

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