Aerosoft A330 Trailer Released

Aerosoft, a popular development group for most major flight simulators since FSX, has sent ripples of excitement through the sim aviation community by releasing an exciting trailer showcasing their much-anticipated Airbus A330 for MSFS. The trailer, unveiled yesterday on the group's youtube channel, offers an exciting glimpse into the immersive experience that awaits flight sim pilots. 

The trailer boasts some of the features we can expect. This includes; Accurate sounds, stunning exterior visuals and the much-anticipated EFB that Aerosoft has developed. The trailer shows that an effort has not been spared throughout the internal and external models. 

Although no release date was provided in the trailer, the flight sim community is informed that the aircraft will release “soon” This is certainly an exciting time for Long Haul sim pilots who have been eagerly awaiting a new wide-body jet to traverse the globe in.

Threshold Will keep you informed on developments around the A330 and possible release dates, but for now… enjoy the trailer below! 

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