AeroDesigns Announces Portland International Jetport for MSFS

March 3, 2023

AeroDesigns has recently announced their first product for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Portland International Jetport (KPWM), serving the city of Portland in Maine with a yearly average of 2 million passengers, making it the busiest in the state.

The airport’s history dates back to the late 1920s when Dr. Clifford Strange needed somewhere to land his JN-4 “Jenny” Biplane. The first commercial service happened a few years later, in 1931, with a Boston-Maine Airways flight from Portland to Boston. The airfield was later purchased by the city and renamed to Portland-Westbrook Municipal Airport, which explains its origin code (PWM).

Nowadays, Portland benefits from low-cost carrier traffic such as JetBlue and Southwest Airlines, which helped to rank the airport among the most affordable in the region as of 2011.

Originally intended to be just a port of their KPWM for X-Plane 11, the scenery’s assets were entirely reworked, including ground textures, ground markings, taxi layout, a complete retexturing of the terminal building (externally and internally) with extra clutter to provide even better immersion. It also includes extra work on details such as dirt, extra ground service equipment, etc.

AeroDesigns claims there’s no release date as of yet, but they hope to release it in the next few weeks, with work still going on regarding performance optimization and overall refinement. Console compatibility is still unconfirmed.

Stay tuned to Threshold for more information on the scenery and all things flight simulation!

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