Aeroplane Heaven Releases Electra 10-A

September 30, 2021


Shortly after showcasing the aircraft on their social media, Aeroplane Heaven quickly followed up with the release of their Electra 10-A. The aircraft add-on publication comes two days after images of the 10-A was posted with a brief “Coming real soon” caption.

The 10-A comes well equipped with a high detail rendition of the aircraft with a decorated interior and exterior modelling. The aircraft was designed off of “factory drawings and plans”. In the flightdeck, users are greeted with an authentic cockpit with accurate animations and functions which the developer promises you can’t get any closer to the real thing. Two avionics suites are provided, one for the hardcore simmer and one for pilots who want to take advantage of modern-day technology. By using special effects they were able to provide accurate and realistic engine exhaust as well as a functional passenger door. 

Also shipping with the aircraft is 11 pre-made colour schemes including a blank livery for those who want to get ahold of the paintbrush. On their website, you can click on downloads to preview their 10 paged manual. In the manual, you can find where all the switches are located and what actions they perform. As you read on you get to the mini check ride, this section instructs you on how to safely start, takeoff, and pilot the Electra as well. Instructors also provided instructions on how to land the Electra “with style.” 

With only four registered Electra 10s this is a perfect opportunity for users to expand their virtual hangars with this breed of bird. You can pick up this vintage bird for 31.95 (USD) from their webstore. Alternatively, it is also available for the same price on OrbxDirect. Alternative options are Simmarket, and JustFlight; these vendors will not have the Electra for sale right away. 

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