Aeroplane Heaven Releases Spitfire MK1A on Orbx

September 15, 2021

Another Spitfire has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Specifically, the MK1A, it is developed by Aeroplane Heaven, the release coincides with the Battle of Britain Day on September 15th. 

The announcement comes in the form of a cover image which has been updated on their Facebook page. The 15th of September is the day on which a large-scale aerial battle in the Battle of Britain took place above London, launched by the Luftwaffe. Their release was unexpected with no prior date being announced safe for a video linked to Steve Walton testing their product.

From the feature list,  the aircraft comes visually packed with an intricately done 3D model, built from years of research, and using materials sourced from factory drawings and plans - the result is a painstakingly developed model with equal attention both inside and out.

Inside, users are presented with a detailed cockpit model with many “unique animations and functions”, with the ability to modernise the cockpit with modern avionics as a switch out option.  On the exterior, the aircraft features special effects such as the heat distortion from the engine exhaust, and the radiator. Outside looking in, the model features a highly accurate animated pilot wearing the correct outfit, which features 1938 pattern goggles, sunshade, and oxygen mask.

Function wise, Spitfire contains an exterior battery cart, in similar vein as an external power unit, essential for starting early Spitfire units. The flight-model is accurately developed to the aircraft performance specifications, ensuring an immersive and authentic experience.  to wrap it all up,  an immersive soundset that is professionally recorded comes with the package.

The product features six colour schemes:

  • 19 Squadron - "QV" original and restored versions.
  • 19 Squadron - "QV-K Squadron Leader Brian Lane "Yellow-nose"
  • 602 Squadron - "LO-G" P.O. O. Hanbury
  • 609 Squadron - "PR-F" PO Sydney Jenkin Hill
  • 610 Squadron - "DW-E" PO Constantine Pegge
  • 54 Squadron - "KL-B" F.O. A. "Al" Deere
  • 74 Squadron - "ZP-C" Squadron Leader John Freeborn

The cover image wasn't clear on where to get the product, even the product page on their website doesn’t link to the purchase page, a couple of eyes have seen it land on the Orbx store, with an asking price of $45 AUD. If you’re interested in AE’s rendition of the Spitfire (or for more pictures), drop by their product page on OrbxDirect.

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