Aerobask Announces Upcoming Release of ViperJet

September 7, 2022
Jason Clark
nobody, apparently.

This week, Aerobask announced information regarding the ViperJet for the newly released X-Plane 12 Public Beta. Originally released in 2015 for XP10, the ViperJet has been updated to keep up with the improving progress of Laminar’s X-Plane Flight Simulator. New improvements for XP12 include updated avionics, a flight model tailored for XP12, along with all the expected visuals such as 3D model textures. Aerobask rebuilt the entire aircraft to take advantage of the latest features the new sim has to offer. Detailed in this forum post are XP12 images of this sleek home-built jet showcasing the new XP12 effects added to the new model.

We will keep you updated with more Aerobask news here on Threshold!

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