Aerosoft Further Previews the Twin Otter for Microsoft Flight Simulator

September 2, 2021

Aerosoft is back at it again with the previews of their upcoming DeHavilland Twin Otter for Microsoft Flight Simulator - The most recent batch of previews covered a majority of the modelling done on the aircraft at this stage.

The DeHavilland Twin Otter is a Canadian STOL Utility aircraft, originally designed in 1964, the Twin Otter has progressed through four variants into the modern age, now being produced by Viking Air Ltd, who bought the program from the infamous Bombardier Aerospace in 2006.

Seating nearly 20 passengers, the Twin Otter has been used throughout the world, mostly in Northern Canadian climates or in mountain ranges throughout - used by 19 Government Forces, 141 historical and current civil operators, the Twin Otter has played a large part in outreach in the isolated communities of the world.

Aerosoft announced their Twin Otter project back in September 2020, so the team is reaching the 1-year mark soon.

The original post from Aerosoft can be found on their Facebook.

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