Aerosoft Updates Dortmund XP: New Water Bodies and Landable Westfalenstadion

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Those who frequent Aerosoft’s Dortmund XP will be delighted to hear that the scenery has received a significant update that adds new features and patches existing issues with the scenery.  The scenery now packs in more detail with added water bodies and missing buildings, improved autogen density, and updated vegetation. The update also lets helicopter simmers land on the Westfalenstadion.

Here is the changelog:

  • Simplified scenery folder structure
  • Added eastern Emscher water polys
  • Fixed Klinikum-Nord surroundings, added missing autogen buildings
  • Fixed some tree incursions
  • Made Westfalenstadion landable for helicopters and removed reflections
  • Updated vegetation, removed shadow casting
  • Optimized and added some water bodies
  • Added more static cars
  • Updated all custom water polys with new normal effects and edges
  • Removed grass decals from snow polys
  • Reworked Phoenixsee

Users need to redownload their copies from the Aerosoft, Threshold, or the .Org store to install the update. You can buy the scenery for $22.99.

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