AirfoilLabs Teases C-47 Project, C172 Improvements for X-Plane

January 2, 2021

In their New Year message published a short time ago, AirfoilLabs have made a number of hints in regards to their product line going forward, with new previews of one project and an update to another on the horizon.

Firstly, the group's Douglas C-47 product, which was announced in May 2020, has had a couple of new previews shared, showing exterior modelling in addition to a couple of cockpit images.

It appears both the interior and exterior of the aircraft are still in the rendering stage, with no in-sim screenshots shown off as yet.

Secondly, the developer also displayed a number of improvements to their Cessna 172, including the awaited Garmin G1000 avionics package.

This was first announced in April 2018 and marketed at the time as a separate product to that of the steam-gauge 172 they currently have for sale. It was orginally planned to be released by the end of 2018, however that has obviously not come to pass.

A number of other images of the 172 were shared, with picketing items like a cowling blanket, as well as a couple of new options in the weight and balance user interface.

The cryptic image posted on Facebook today.

You can see the source post for this article on Facebook.

Note: this article's cover image was published prior to AirfoilLabs' New Year's message - we elected to use this as the image they provided today is simply too small.

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