AirFoilLabs Cessna 172 Updated to Version 1.7

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Today, AirfoilLabs has released a free update to their Cessna 172 available through the AFL Product Manager. The update focuses on a brand new airfoil built to work with X-Plane 11.40’s Experimental Flight Model, this brings the flight physics to a whole new level especially for real-life training of emergency situations such as stalls and spins. 

The Cessna 172 is a single piston-engine aircraft designed in 1955 and has been produced more than forty thousand times. The 172 is one of the most successful aircraft in history and is commended by pilots thanks to its comfort, reliability and low maintenance costs. 

The full change-log for this update is listed as: 

-Flight Model - complete rebuild of all model including airfoils for xp 11.40 using experimental flight model
-Flight Model - stall, spin, takeoff, landing behavior corrected
-Camera View Fixes
-Electrical - voltage display now reflects correctly battery/gpu/generator voltage
-Mixture Joystick Mapping - now "mixture" and "mixture1" work
-General Optimizations

The AirFoilLabs Cessna 172 is available for purchase on the Store for $35.95.

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